Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?
We accept reservations for parties of four or larger. Please use our Contact Form or call us at 847-698-1296.

Where do you get the fish?
We exclusively get our fish from the local market within Chicagoland areas. We have a very close and trusting business relationship with all our suppliers. Should the quality of our dishes not be completely satisfactory, please do not hesitate to inform us immediately.

Do you offer non-spicy dishes as well?
Many Thai dishes call for very hot spices. Especially spicy dishes are marked as such on our menu. Please let us know if you do not like spicy food when ordering your meal. We are able to de-spice the dishes according to your preferences.


Do you offer Vegetarian and healthy choices as well?

Our Executive Chef also a life-long healthy life style diner, so we know how

important it is to prepare dishes with healthy choices in mind.


Which regional specialties does this restaurant serve?
Almost all of our dishes are based on traditional recipes handed down to us from our grandparents. Our family's root is from Northern, Northeastern, and Eastern regions of Thailand.  The Eastern region is known for its famous thin rice noodle and Pad Thai recipes.  We are a native of Bangkok city,  the capital city of Thailand, where all regional cuisines presenting its best to Bangkokian. They're pride to experiment varieties of regional Thai cuisines.  They enjoy good foods. This is also reflected in our cooking, which is very much based on influences from different regional cuisines.